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[MINOR/MAJOR DEFECT] A5 Elia Note Journal - Line - 52gsm White

Elia Note

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[MINOR/MAJOR DEFECT] A5 Elia Note Journal - Line - 52gsm White
[MINOR/MAJOR DEFECT] A5 Elia Note Journal - Line - 52gsm White
[MINOR/MAJOR DEFECT] A5 Elia Note Journal - Line - 52gsm White
[MINOR/MAJOR DEFECT] A5 Elia Note Journal - Line - 52gsm White
[MINOR/MAJOR DEFECT] A5 Elia Note Journal - Line - 52gsm White

Warning: All minor/major defect books sold are non-returnable and non-exchangeable for any reason. Please read before you place your order:

This is our first book production done locally here in Malaysia, whilst attempting to make the book perfect, we ran into issues during the production stage and it was at the expense of our first production run where I find out how to sort out most of the problems. This means that our first production ended with minor or major defects in all our books.
Both will be given a discount on our standard price, where journals with major imperfections will have a greater discount.

Below is the list of defects that may or may not appear in the books. 

Minor defects may include:

  • Slightly uneven cover pasting
  • Slightly crooked spine
  • Slight paper creasing
  • End sheets are glued together at top edge (can be cut open)

Major defects are similar to minor, except to a greater extent.

The main source of defect is from the binding. There MAY be some issue on the spine. I would like to inform you of this so that you are fully aware before making your purchase. 



Tomoe river paper is widely known for its thinness and smooth texture, making it perfect for fountain pen use, general writing tools and even watercolour. It is resistant to bleed through, feathering and is able to take on various writing materials.

All our journals are made in Malaysia using smyth-sewn binding, allowing the journal to lay completely flat, making it easier for you to read and write on itSmyth-sewn binding is associated with durability and quality, and is able to stand up to years of wear and tear, making it ideal for a journal that's meant to be kept for long period of time. 

Properties of notebook:

  • 496 pages
  • 52gsm white Tomoe River paper (old)
  • A5 size with physical dimension: 210mm * 148mm * 15mm
  • Soft cover
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • 7mm line
  • Cover page

With 496 pages of Tomoe River paper to write on, feel free to write to your heart’s content with Elia Note!

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